Andrea McGovern MFT - (310) 924-0633

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website. I have extensive experience in working with individuals, teens and couples who suffer from addictions, anxiety, depression and other overwhelming issues that can impair one's ability to function in a productive and meaningful way. Through my diverse past experiences in treating individuals in counseling, I have come to believe that people are searching for a way to remove the obstacles that are keeping them from living a happy, meaningful and purposeful life. This is often contrary to the belief of many, which is, that acquiring something will achieve happiness, rather than removing something. Those obstacles can either be our health, a person, a job, a thing, or even the way we think and view ourselves or any given situation.

Let me help you explore unresolved issues from your past or identify current stressors, which may be causing you to suffer from feelings of unhappiness, anxiety, depression, or to rely on any substance to dull the pain.  If you have the desire for change, together, we can break the deeply ingrained patterns in your life that are keeping you from becoming the healthy, happy and positive spiritual individual that you are meant to become.

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